How to get the Verdant Trapper skin in New World

Spoiler alert: it may be impossible.

Verdant Trapper skin New World twitch drop

Image by Amazon Games

If you play New World, you may have noticed a few players walking around with a rather unique look. The cosmetic in question is the Verdant Trapper Twitch Drop armor set. And if you like the skin’s hunter-like aesthetics and want to get it for yourself, we have some bad news. Due to how the Verdant Trapper skin was distributed in New World, it is not currently possible to acquire it.

This green and white number was part of the official pre-release promotion cycle for New World. As such, the only way to get it was through Twitch drops. Any New World fans tuned in to the Gamescom 2021 opening night stream on Twitch on August 25 could claim the skin, provided they had watched for at least 15 minutes.

And now for the (slightly) good news: the Verdant Trapper skin may (and most likely will) return to New World at a later date. That’s just the nature of live service games: limited edition items are often brought back at a later date to give players a second chance to grab them. If the Verdant Trapper skin becomes available in New World at any point in the future, we will update this guide to outline the best way to get it.