How to get the watering can in Don’t Starve Together

Grow your green thumb.

Image via Don’t Starve wiki

Exclusive to Don’t Starve Together, the watering can is a must for anyone interesting in upping their farming game. Farming was changed from its previous form after the Reap What you Sow update, whereas now plants have stress levels and can be grown in much larger quantities. If you want to have much more food on your plate, you’ll need a watering can.

Being a dedicated farmer can be a lot easier than it looks. To craft a watering can, all you’ll need is two wooden boards and a rope. To get the wooden boards, gather eight logs and for the rope, just cut three reeds of grass. A science machine is needed to prototype a watering can.

Each water can has 40 uses and needs to be refilled once empty. It can be refueled at ponds, the oasis lake, and the vitreoasis. If you’re having trouble finding any such water sources, you can also use ice to a lesser effect.

Watering cans are used to give moisture to farm plants and, in such, reduce their stress levels. While there are many factors in a plant’s stress level, using a watering can is a great way to improve your food quantity with little time investment. Since they are so easy to make, you can grow good quality food in no time. Get out there and start growing some superfood.