How to get the Wipeout! trophy in Astro’s Playroom

Rolling through trophies.

Astro certainly knows how to get around in his playroom. During your adventure, you’ll see him speed through levels by way of hovercrafts and gliders. However, to unlock the “Wipeout!” trophy, you’ll need the adorable bot to take the form of a pinball.

For the trophy, you’re required to achieve a bowling-like strike, and being a pinball is your opportunity to do so. First, travel over to Memory Meadows. Push past the first stage and stop at the beginning of the second, Fastlane Fields.

There, you’ll need to pull the cords directly in front of Astro by holding square. This will spring up a pinball, Astro will jump inside. Using the touchpad, scroll straight into the first area filled with pink leaves. Instead of rolling up the slide to your left, cut through the grass to your right.

In the back right, red-eyed pins will be lined up and waiting for you on a dirt track. To achieve a strike on your first try, have Astro start rolling far enough back so that he gains momentum. Once you swipe up as fast as you can, you’ll have yourself a strike – plus a new bronze trophy to go with it.