How to get the Yama sword in Blox Fruits — Elite Hunter location and spawn time

Ready to wield the cursed blade?

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Blox Fruits is a popular online game within Roblox that offers players an exciting world of adventure and combat. One of the most coveted items in the game is the Yama sword, which is widely considered one of the best weapons available. However, obtaining this sword is no easy task. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get the Yama sword in Blox Fruits and find the Elite Hunter.

Elite Hunter and Elite Pirates location and spawn time

The Elite Hunter is an NPC located in the Castle on the Sea area of the Third Sea in Blox Fruits. He offers you quests to defeat one of the three Elite Pirates, who randomly spawn on different islands. The Elite Hunter will inform you of their location once they have appeared, and you’ll need to accept his missions to take on the Elite Pirates.

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In order to receive a mission from the Elite Hunter, an Elite Pirate must already be present on an island. The spawn time for these enemies is 10 minutes, and once you’ve defeated one, a new mission will become available after 10 minutes. By completing these missions, you’ll be rewarded with valuable items and resources and increase your chances of obtaining the Yama sword.

Getting the Yama Sword

To get the Yama sword, you must first meet the minimum requirements. You need to have completed at least 20 combined Elite Hunter or Player Hunter quests. The more quests you complete, the higher your chances of obtaining the sword, with 30 quests giving you a 100% chance of success.

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Once you meet the requirements, you can head to the Secret Temple located on Hydra Island, which is located behind a waterfall leading to the sea. The gate to the temple can be broken using an Observation Break move. To pull the sword, you need to click on it four times.

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If you don’t meet the requirements while attempting to pull out the sword, you’ll be killed, and the notification “The sword has rejected you! You’re not worthy” will appear on your screen. If you meet the requirements, you’ll see the notification “The sword has accepted you as its new owner” instead. Obtaining Yama is a challenging task, but it’s a rewarding experience once you’ve achieved it.