How to get to the 3rd Sea in Blox Fruits

Let’s go beyond the New World!

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Third Sea is the final world in Roblox Blox Fruits. The place has amazing locations filled with various quests, powerful enemies, and bosses that you can defeat to level up and get rewards. This Blox Fruits guide will help you unlock the Third Sea.

How to unlock the Third Sea in Blox Fruits

To enter the Third Sea, you must first reach level 1500. Reaching this level is difficult but crucial in the game, as it unlocks new abilities, quests, and items to help you in the Third Sea. Once you have achieved this level, you will receive a notification that the Third Sea will open to you after you complete a few tasks.

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To access the Third Sea, you must first make your way to the Colosseum in the Second Sea. Once there, you will need to navigate to the underground area where the prisoners are held. Here, you will encounter King Red Head, who will ask you to “disrespect” fellow admin rip_indra. If you cannot get inside the room where King Red Head is, you must use Soru on the wall or complete the Colosseum quest.

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After accepting King Red Head’s request, the game will transport you to an isolated island where you will face off against rip_indra, who uses Dark Blade. You must deal damage to lower rip_indra’s health to 50% to trigger a cutscene. The cutscene will depict an animated fight scene between rip_indra and King Red Head, in which rip_indra will emerge victorious and seal King Red Head in the Third Sea. Once the cutscene ends, you will be sent back to an area near Colosseum and get a message from King Red Head.

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After reading the message, you must interact with Mr Captain at Green Zone, and he will send you to the Third Sea. Now you are ready to explore new islands, battle new enemies, and collect rare resources in the Third Sea. Good luck on your journey!