How to get through the tutorial in Sims 4 on PS4

The tutorial can be both confusing and buggy at times.

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The Sims 4 has a lot of moving parts that can be quite daunting to new players and veterans. Every new title adds or expands on existing mechanics. A tutorial is available right out of the gate to help players, old and new, acclimate to Sims 4. However, it does have a habit of refusing to work in some areas, leaving players both confused and frustrated.

The first round of Milestones

Getting through the tutorial in the Sims 4 on the PlayStation 4 can be a bit of a pain. For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward. However, there’s a narrator that follows you, commenting on your progress and expanding on the various mechanics. The narration isn’t the problem, though; it’s the fact that she doesn’t always chime in when she’s supposed to. It can put your tutorial in limbo.

If you are intent on finishing the tutorial, here’s a tip going forward: every time the narrator gives you some free time to explore, save your game. The narrator will almost always comment on a finished task for the tutorial. If she doesn’t, you can backtrack by loading your save. You’ll still be on the tutorial stage if you load your save.

With that said, the goal of the tutorial ultimately boils down to finishing a set of milestones based on your chosen Aspiration. For the tutorial, milestones you complete are based on the basic mechanics of the game. The first set of milestones include eating, striking up a conversation with your roommate, interacting with an object in your inventory, and going to sleep for the night.

Eating is simple enough. Alex, your roommate, will prepare food for you. It’s on you to pick up a plate by selecting it and choosing “Grab a Serving” from the radial menu. Afterward, you can select Alex and pick “Get to Know.” That knocks out two milestones already.

After you and Alex are finished eating, she’ll give you a gift. Open your inventory in the bottom-right corner and pick an object. It doesn’t matter how you interact so long as you open your inventory. All you have left is getting some sleep.

Sleeping is where the confusion starts. Trying to interact with your bed is a no-go. The option to sleep is disabled for the tutorial. What gives? The tutorial wants you to play around for a few hours, but who has that kind of time? What it fails to specify is playing for a few in-game hours, not real-time. To progress any further, you have to play around until your Sim gets tired. If you want to speed up the process, fast forward through the day until you hear the narrator chime in to get some rest.

The second round of Milestones

After getting a good night’s rest, a new set of milestones are open to you. This batch includes getting ready for work, making coffee, going to work, and having a conversation with Alex.

Start by getting ready for work, which includes taking a shower, going to the bathroom, and brushing your teeth. You know, basic hygiene.

To make coffee, select the coffee maker on the counter and pick “Brew Coffee” from the radial menu. In the event the last batch went bad, you have to first pick “Empty,” then you can make your coffee. If you have time, talk with Alex to knock out another milestone.

When it’s time for work, your Sim will automatically leave—even if they’re in the middle of a conversation or doing something. After your Sim takes off for work, you get to control Alex. We experienced another issue during this portion of the tutorial. Save your game before you do anything.

The narrator will ask you to check out the Simology Panel. It reveals information on a Sim’s age, traits, family tree, and so on i.e., a quick summary of that particular Sim. After opening the Simology Panel, the narrator is supposed to chime in and then give you some free time to play while your other Sim is at work. If she doesn’t, then reload your save.

The third round of Milestones

When your Sim finally comes home from work, a new set of milestones are available. These include cleaning your house, improving a skill, earning a promotion, and working on a daily task. Try to take your time, or else the narrator will bug out again.

Cleaning your house is easy. Any time you finish a meal or throw something away, you have the option to clean the dishes or take out the trash.

Improving skill and finishing your daily tasks almost always go hand in hand. Painters, for example, start with a painting job. Naturally, painting on an easel improves their skill and also moves them towards finishing their daily task. For fashion designers, writing or talking about fashion will improve your skills. Opening the Career Panel in the bottom-right corner will reveal specific details, including a performance meter.

Getting a promotion is tied directly to your performance meter. Improving your skills, completing daily tasks, and keeping your Sim happy slowly but surely moves the needle towards “Excellent.” Once the little checkmark lights up, going to work will ensure a much-needed promotion, and opening the last set of milestones to complete. Save your game before you earn a promotion.

The last round of Milestones

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The last set of milestones includes calling off work, going fishing, meeting new Sims, and traveling. Every milestone in this batch can be completed while you’re traveling, aside from taking the day off.

First and foremost, take a vacation day. This is done by opening your phone located in the bottom-left corner. Use L1 and R1 to switch back and forth between apps. Pick the briefcase icon; it represents your career. Choose “Take Vacation Day.” If the phone is disabled, then reload your last save.

After getting the day off, it’s time to enjoy a walk in the park. Open your phone again and pick the car icon; it represents traveling. Pick “Travel.” You’re allowed to bring Alex with you as you two explore Magnolia Blossom.

Magnolia Blossom is a beautiful park where you can relax, meet new people, and even spend an hour fishing. In doing so, you’ll knock out the three remaining milestones before you’re told to go home. Select on the tiny house icon on your portrait in the bottom-left corner to return home once you’ve completed your final tasks.

After you return home, pick a new aspiration. It opens up a new set of milestones that you do not have to finish for the tutorial. To wrap up the tutorial, open up Build Mode in the top-right corner and snoop around a bit before leaving. In doing so, the narrator will speak to you one final time, and the tutorial finally ends. It’s up to you if you want to create a new Sim, continue playing with your current Sim, or start an entirely new game.