How to get tiger mounts in Lost Ark

We’re naming ours Richard Parker.

Image via Smilegate

The tiger mounts in Lost Ark are very cool indeed and you’d definitely want to get your hands on them. Unfortunately, it will take some time to unlock either the Azure Soul Vanguard or Black Soul Vanguard as they are a reward in the Ark Pass, Smilegate’s answer to the industry-standard battle pass. Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on how to unlock the Lost Ark tiger mounts below.

How to unlock tiger mounts in Lost Ark

To unlock the tiger mount in Lost Ark, you need to reach level 10 in the free version of the Ark Pass. Yes, the Azure and Black Soul Vanguard mount are free for everyone to unlock. Unfortunately, you can only choose one of the two tiger mounts, so pick wisely. To make your decision easier, both versions of the mount are the same as each other in every aspect aside from appearance.

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To level up your Ark Pass, simply complete the daily Ark Pass normal and season missions. Normal missions can be completed once a day, and ticking these off, along with earning your daily login bonus XP, should raise your free Ark Pass track to level ten soon enough. The Ark Pass is full of goodies in its free and premium tracks, including the Noble Banquet outfits. Hitting those daily normal missions is a decent way to level up and unlock it all.