How to get Titanium in Outriders

Crafting time.


Image by People Can Fly

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Outriders, like all games with an RPG slant, is filled with things to upgrade and materials to upgrade them with. If you want your favorite gear to reach its true potential, this is just part of playing the game.

Titanium is used to upgrade Rare, Epic, and Legendary Gear, so it will be quite important to players as they play through the campaign and get into the end game activities.

To get Titanium, players will need to break down Epic and Legendary items they no longer want. Not all Legendary weapons will suit your playstyle, so this is actually a pretty decent source, and of course, you can dismantle any duplicates that you happen to get.

Titanium can also be obtained as a drop from bosses or just high-tier, tough enemies, along with ore veins that can be found around the game’s various areas. These will be reasonably rare, so are unlikely to be a solid method of farming method for Titanium.

The final way to get Titanium is by ranking up your World Tier. Titanium will drop as a world tier reward after unlocking any world tier after Tier 9, making it a reasonable source of this rare material.

One of the best methods of getting Titanium will be through farming Legendary weapons, but we won’t have much information on the best farms in the game until after release. Certain exploits within the demo were patched, so we will need to wait and see what we can discover in the full game.