How to get Titanium in Subnautica: Below Zero

It’s everywhere.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Titanium is a commonly required resource in Subnautica: Below Zero. In fact, the need for it starts almost instantly, and never seems to end. As you might expect, Titanium is actually quite easy to find, even in the early game.

When they first arrive at their pod, players will mostly be restricted to exploring the nearby areas, but this is fine. They can get Titanium by breaking small limestone outcrops on the floor of the seabed.

Limestone outcrops look like bright grey rocks and can be broken by interacting with them, players do not need any special tools to break them. When shattered, Titanium can drop, which players can then pick up by interacting with it.

Image via Gamepur

Limestone outcrops have a 50% of dropping Copper Ore, and a 50% chance of dropping Titanium, so it shouldn’t take long for players to gather up a plentiful supply.

Titanium can also be gotten from metal salvage that is found in the Crag Field, Crash Zone, Bulb Zone, Dune, and Kelp Forest biomes. Metal salvage can be turned into Titanium using the Fabricator in the Pod.

Titanium can also be found in larger resource deposits in the more dangerous biomes, such as the Lost River. These deposits can yield up to 16 pieces of Titanium, and will be black in color. Finally, the resource can be found on the seabed in the Inactive Lava Zone.

Titanium can be turned into a Titanium Ingot for later game crafting at a cost of 10 pieces, yielding one Titanium Ingot.