How to get to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley – Repairing Willy’s boat

Willy’s boat has seen better days.

In Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update, players were given a load of new end game content to run through. There are even new ways to play the game, such as mixing up the community bundles to make them more challenging, rather than containing the same tasks. For those seeking out some of the new items and animals in the end game content, you’re probably on the lookout for how to travel to the brand new location called Ginger Island.

If you’re looking to reach this region, you’ll need to complete the community center’s entire community bundles. Once you’ve done that, Willy will send you a letter a few days later looking to repair his boat. You can find him back at his shop. Approach the shop, and go to the back door. There will be a quick cutscene, and then after that, there are three objects you need to complete to repair the boat.

  • Five battery packs
  • 200 pieces of hardwood
  • Five iridium bars

You can obtain the battery packs by crafting Lightning Rods and waiting for a thunderstorm to appear. Lightning will strike these rods randomly during the storm, and if you see the rod pulsating, you’ll know you have a battery pack waiting for you. The hardwood and iridium bars are likely the easiest, the hardwood coming from large stumps that appear in the Secret Woods, the forest farm, or from random drops and boxes that come from the mines. For iridium bars, you’ll need to locate five iridium ore and a piece of coal to smelt into a bar. The iridium ore pieces spawn from high-level monsters.

Once you have all of these, return to the boat, and you’ll be able to travel to Ginger Island the next day after the repairs have gone through.