How to get to Perfect World in No More Heroes 3

Learning the world.

Image via Nintendo

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Early in the campaign of no More Heroes 3, players will need to make their way to Perfect World. The game won’t really explain what it means by this, but we have all the information that you need right here.

Perfect World is the game’s second playable area, and the second area you can reach in the city. It is a small island to the northwest of the starting island. There is no connecting bridge, and instead, it connects to the starting island via a tunnel that runs under the sea.

To get to the tunnel, you will need to jump on your bike using the A button, then leave the parking lot and turn right, making your way to the two purple symbols sitting right on the edge of the sea at the first island. Driving through here will automatically bring you to Perfect World.

When you get to Perfect World, you will need to find some Designated Matches to take part in. These are marked on the map as yellow circles. You will need to track down a small node inside the circle and interact with it to start the Designated Match. You will be whisked away to an alien craft where you will need to fight some enemies.