How to get to the cargo behind the locked door in Evesham Abbey in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Many of the locations you raid in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will have multiple pieces of cargo that you and your crew can loot to bring back to your settlement. You want to make sure to obtain every piece of loot to make the experience extremely profitable, but some of them are difficult to locate. There’s a locked door you’ll encounter in Evesham Abbey that has a chest of cargo that would be extremely beneficial to bring with you. But you need a key to find it.

Evesham Abbey cargo location

The cargo in question right at the center of town, in a small building. It looks more like a small house, or a storage shed.

Evesham Abbey door key

When you find the cargo, your first goal will be to clear out the location. There will be multiple enemies for you and your crew to fight, and even a few elite units. After you’ve cleared many of them out, you need to use Odin’s Sight to locate the key.

The key holder should be one of the elite units you fought earlier. They’ll have the key on them, so use your Odin’s Sight to narrow down which of them has it, and loot it off them. Once you have the key, return to the front of the building and unlock it. All you need to do is make sure you and a crew member remove the top of the chest and retrieve the loot.

If you stumbled across this place on your own, make sure you’re conducting a raid when obtaining this cargo. It’s required for Eivor and another member of their crew to unlock the chest, so if you’re not raiding, you won’t be able to loot the cargo. But you can unlock the door beforehand, no problem.