How to get to the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring

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The Roundtable Hold is a unique location you can visit in Elden Ring. You’ll meet a variety of characters at this area, all of who that been touched by the grace, and here you’ll be able to speak with them and learn about their journies. You can also access a handful of quests that you’ll learn about from these characters, or even pick up spells. Although, you cannot immediately access this location. In this guide, we share how to get to the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring.

You’ll unlock access to the Roundtable Hold after you’ve progressed through the game, and visited multiple sites of grace in your Elden Ring playthrough. For us, the Roundtable Hold did not unlock until we had reached the Castleward Tunnel site of grace, and then we had battled against Margit the Fell Omen at least once. However, other players were able to visit this location without battling Margit, so this is likely not a requirement.

After we had done those two things and then visited a site of grace, Melina visits us and offers to take us to the Roundtable Hold. You have no choice but to accept when this opportunity happens.

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When you arrive, you’ll be able to wander around but not perform any violent movements. You can speak to all of the NPCs at the location, explore, and then freely leave using your map. The Roundtable Hold is on the far bottom left of the map. If you wish to return to this location, you’ll have to fast travel to this point.

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