How to get to White Palace in Hollow Knight

How to visit the Pale King in the Dream Realm.

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Besides the sprawling map of Hollow Knight’s underground domain, there is a realm of Dreams that the titular character will have to visit several times. These places represent areas outside of the physical realm, which you can visit if some conditions are met. One such place is the sprawling White Palace, the resting place of the Pale King. To reach this place, you will have to progress pretty far into the game. But if you’re having trouble finding your way there, here’s how to reach White Palace in Hollow Knight.

How to access White Palace in Hollow Knight

White Palace exists within the Dream Realm, which means that you will need to have the Awoken Dream Nail to get to it. After that, you will need to reach the Palace Grounds area in the Ancient Basin region, which is located very deep underground, making it part of the end-game content.

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The best way to get to the Ancient Basin is through Royal Waterways and crossing the ruined bridge. This way, you will quickly find the Tram station to get the Tram Pass and be able to revisit the region from Deepnest. Dropping down from the Tram station, you will want to head east. But you need Monarch Wings to reach Palace Ground, so make sure to bring them with you. Keep going east, and you’ll arrive at the corpse of Kingsmould. Hitting it with the Awoken Dream Nail will open the portal to the Dream Realm, specifically the White Palace.

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What is in the White Palace?

White Palace is the pale glittery dream realm that was home of the Pale King and now hosts his corpse on the throne. You can hit it to take his place for a moment, and also collect his half of the Kingsoul Charm. The place is full of platforming challenges, traps, and a few mobs to fight. On the western side of White Palace is the Path of Pain, which is part of the Grimm Troupe DLC content.