How to get Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

You have a limited selection.

Image via Capcom

The Torrent Sac is a water-based resource in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re looking for it, you want to hunt down the aquatic monsters roaming around the regions. Many of the creatures we’re going to list that drop a Torrent Sac are weak to Thunderblight weapons, so make sure to bring a few of those when you go after them to increase your chances of retrieving a Torrent Sac.

These are all of Monster Hunter Rise monsters that have a Torrent Sac on their dropped materials table. All of these are at high rank quests. The Torrent Sac does not drop on low rank ones.

  • Royal Ludroth
  • Tetranadon
  • Jyuratodus

There are only three choices, so finding the best hunt will depend on your hunter rank. Of the three, the Royal Ludroth and the Tetranadon are likely the easiest, with the Jyuratodus being the most difficult. However, of all three, the Tetranadon has the best chance of dropping a Torrent Sac on its dropped materials table. The best chance of Royal Ludroth and the Jyuratodus dropping one is at 16%.

The Tetranadon, on the other hand, has a 70% chance of dropping a Torrent Sac. But it’s only as a broken material. You have to break the Tetranadon’s chest plate during your for a Torrent Sac to drop. The item can also drop as a target reward, as a capture reward, and as a carving, but all of those are below 30%, so your best chance is to break a Tetranadon’s chest.

When you break the chest plate, you’ll see a ‘broken parts reward’ notification pop-up during the battle. You’ll still need to complete the hunt by defeating or capturing the monster.