How to get turtle shells in Minecraft

Find out how to get this special helmet.

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Image Credits: Minecraft

There is a lot of armor to choose from in Minecraft, and all of them bring something to the table. Whether it be higher defense or other stat boosts, you will want to find the best kind of armor that suits you.

One such armor to consider is the Turtle Shell, a helmet that can give you the Water Breathing effect for 10 seconds after being worn out of water or in a bubble. This effect will start once you go underwater and help you out in those tight, underwater areas.

If this effect is something you want to go for, then we have the method to get it right here for you:

Crafting a Turtle Shell

To craft a Turtle Shell, all you need is five Scutes, which are small pieces of a turtle’s shell.

You can find these by finding a baby turtle out in the wild. Once you have found it, simply feed it Seagrass to speed up its growth. You will see green particles around the Baby Turtle, meaning it’s growing up. Just keep feeding it until it becomes an adult, and it will drop a Scute.

With five scutes in your possession, open your Crafting Menu. You will see the 3x3x3 grid and will need to place the Scutes in the proper place for the recipe:

  • Top Row: Scute-Scute-Scute
  • Middle Row: Scute-Empty-Scute
  • Bottom Row: Empty-Empty-Empty

With the Scutes in the right places, the Turtle Shell should appear in the box on the right. Just add it to your inventory and the Turtle Shell is all yours.