How to get Twitch Drops in Hunt: Showdown for June and July 2020

Billy Story has arrived.

Image via Crytek

Legendary Hunter Billy Story is an available reward as Twitch Drop for Hunt: Showdown. You can pick him up starting on June 29, but you have until July 6 to acquire him before he goes away. You will need to have a Twitch account to acquire the award. Once you do, you need to link it to your Hunt: Showdown account, which you can do so on the game’s website

You will need to have Hunt: Showdown for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or have it on Steam for PC. After you connect your Hunt: Showdown game account to your Twitch, you must watch one of the many registered streamers who will be playing the game during the campaign. A full list of all of the available Streamers and their channels are available on this page.

The streamer from the chosen list will need to be playing Hunt: Showdown on their stream for you earn the Billy Story Twitch Drop. The website does not have a set time requirement for you to watch the streamer to earn the drop, but because it happens at random intervals, you’re better off having the stream up during the campaign. You can leave any of the available streams on to obtain Billy Story, but you can only receive one copy from a single Twitch streamer.