How to get upgrades in The Gunk

An unconventional way for progression.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike most current games, there are no skill trees in The Gunk, nor a leveling system. Instead, this Xbox console exclusive takes into account your inquisitive spirit.

To receive upgrades throughout your adventure, you need to scan as many items as you can throughout the world. If you discover a new plant, creature, robot, or any other being on this isolated planet, go scan it with the RB button. Once you’ve gained enough progress, you’ll get the next upgrade.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re unsure if the object is a new discovery, it should have a green symbol with lines on it when highlighted. If it’s already been documented, it should be in red. While holding RB, you can see the progress bar on the bottom right of the screen. Some scans are worth more than others, but you can check how close you are to the next upgrade.

Once you’ve received the upgrades, you can implement them on the workbench. The resources you need are under cost below the upgrade itself. For example, you need 20 metal resources to get the Glove Grip Soldering.

Some of the early upgrades you can get include Momentum Oscillator (an upgrade for your glove’s vacuum drive) and the Hydraulic Braces, which let you sprint across the alien landscape instead of jogging.