How to Get and Use a Generator in Death Stranding

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Keeping maintained is all part of the game in Death Stranding. An excellent resource and useful item players are going to want to get in the game is a generator. The generator is going to power various items in the game along with vehicles, which players can unlock later on in the game. Here’s how to unlock this useful item.

How to Get and Use a Generator in Death Stranding

To gain access to the generator, players need to start a particular order in the game called “Order No. 11. Resins Delivery: Distribution Center West of Captial Knot City.” Players do need to complete the order to access the generator. After accepting it, players are going to find the generator schematic has immediately become available under their Fabricate Equipment category when you approach a terminal in a city.

When you’re ready, approach any of the terminals in a city and build a PCC. Bring up the PCC in your crafting menu and choose a generator. You can make it wherever you’d like to go, but you can only place it within valid locations. You’re going to be able to tell if it’s a suitable location or not when the holographic outline of the generator is blue. When it’s blue, place it down, and you can now freely give power to your vehicles or any other equipment you’re carrying that need it. You cannot build these in a region outside of the Chiral Network, so make sure you’re making this your top priority whenever discovering a new area.

Bring anything you need to power with electricity to it or build one nearby any structures you’re going to build. When you need to charge something with the generator, stand in its general proximity, and these items should passively charge. Later on in the game, players are going to have access to stronger, more efficient generators. Make sure you’re upgrading when you have the opportunity.

For those who don’t want to use a generator, a handful of your items are solar-powered, and you can have Sam take a nap to wait for them to charge. Double-check their solar-powered before taking a nap because you’d hate to be wrong and find out Sam took a rest without making any progress in the game.

You now know how to locate the generator schematic, where you can build it, and how to charge your items. Good luck with Death Stranding players, and have a good time making your deliveries.