How to get vehicles in Halo Infinite

Warthog inbound.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer brings back a lot of the classic gameplay feel and updates systems that make it both feel new and familiar to longtime fans of the series. The battlefield is more extensive this time around, with a bigger emphasis on equipment and, of course, the ability to grab more powerful weapons on the field. Another staple of Halo multiplayer, though, has been vehicles. They have always changed up the combat and brought unique experiences. Here is how you can get vehicles in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

Getting yourself into a warthog or banshee is slightly different in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer compared to past games. The way it has always been executed in the past is vehicles have a spawn point in the map. So, like power weapons, whoever can get to the vehicle first would have access to taking control of it.

In Halo Infinite, vehicles don’t appear to start the match situated inside the map. Instead of having dedicated spawn points on the map, pelicans will airdrop them into the match at certain points.

Image via 343 Industries

As you play, you will hear a commander let you know that a pelican is inbound with some kind of vehicle. They will tell you what is coming in, whether it is a Scorpion, Hornet, or whatever, and you can then look to the sky to see where they are dropping it. With vehicles being brought into the game in this fashion, though, beware of nearby enemies who also saw it delivered.