How to get Veigar in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) set 6

Veigar will baby-cage your heart if you’re not careful.

Image via Riot Games

Veigar is a little goblin of a wizard that fans adore, and Riot Games has taken that to the next level in TFT by making him a special boss that players can only get under very, very particular circumstances. So, Yordle up, and let’s talk about how to get this little, evil sorcerer on your team.

Veigar and the Yordles

Veigar is TFT’s first and only “secret” unit. You cannot buy him, but he gets added to your board once you turn all the other Yordles on your board (Poppy, Ziggs, Lulu, Tristana, Vex, and Heimerdinger) into Gold units. Then, the game will give you the Veigar. Once you have Veigar, he’s an arcane powerhouse who will do serious damage to your foes.

How to play

To get Veigar, you have to commit to an aggressive reroll and profit kind of game mindset. Now, that isn’t all that wild because the Yordle buff gives the player a random Yordle unit after each player combat. That means once you have 3 Yordles, you can start easily accumulating a lot more of them with each round. 

While rerolling is vital to the build, you still have to pay attention to the tempo of the game. Your most important rolling times will be between levels 4-6– after all, the majority of your units are 1 or 2-costs, and their highest probabilities are low. Often, you’ll want to save money from 6-7 to give yourself a boost up to seven and have some reroll power when it starts moving from mid to late game. When you hit level 7, rolling for Heimerdinger and Vex shouldn’t be too stressful, and it ensures you have space on the board for your Veigar dreams. 

Helpful augments

Hextech Augments can be a great aid in your Yordle endeavors, so look for these to help you bag a Veigar:

  • Calculated Loss: After a loss, gain 2 Gold and a free reroll
  • Wise Spending: Gain 1 XP each time you reroll
  • Trade Sector: Gain a free reroll each round
  • Golden Ticket: Each time you reroll, you have a 35% chance for a free reroll
  • So Small: Yordles gets 35% Dodge Chance

If you fail…

These kinds of all-in builds don’t always work, so don’t beat yourself up too much if it doesn’t. Yordle Bodyguards is already a powerful build, with a slight lean into Arcanist and Bodyguard as well as those friendly little Yordles. So, if you’re struggling to get all the Golds, just pick up a Braum along the way to keep your team a little safer. Do keep collecting Gold Yordles, though; they’re still important to this build, too.