How to know when to reroll in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Sometimes, you have to gamble it all away.

Image via Riot Games

One of the most dangerous tools in the entirety of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is the reroll button. While it can be necessary to create your dream build, it can become a gamble, compelling you to waste your money and destroy any economy you built up. It has made a lot of TFT players wary of it, preferring instead to save a lot of their money. However, there are quite a few choice points in a game where you should reroll, even if it puts a strain on your in-game wallet.


There are a handful of builds that rely on getting powerful gold units. When those gold units are one or two costs, it can be almost dangerous for a player to level up too quickly. Take Hellion Cannoneers, for example. The most important units are Tristana and Kennan. So, this is where it’s important to know the probability percentages for each level. In the Hellions case, the best chances for getting 2-costs happens around Level 5 and 6, so it’s quite often advantageous to reroll quite a bit during those periods. Some players even roll all their money away during those levels to ensure the gold units they need; then, they save up for Level 7 and 8. 

Five costs

Once you hit level 8, your chances of getting a five-cost unit rise exponentially. There’s a reason that some people save up to Level 8 and then spend a lot of money rolling for powerful pieces, trying to stack their board with Gwens and Heimerdingers. So, take the opportunity to try to take your board to the next level. Don’t get too cautious or precious with your gold; otherwise, you might lose too much health and not get the five-cost units you want until it’s too late. 

Going for gold

Whether you have ten gold or sixty, sometimes the need for a gold, three-star unit supersedes the need for a lot of money. Now, you can pull this card early in the game, or by the time you’ve hit level 9, it doesn’t matter. But eventually, you do have to spend your money. Even if you save until you are full build and only looking to create two or three-star units, once you have the pieces you want to upgrade, start rerolling your shop to buy the extra units to make them even stronger.

Hot tip: While having over fifty gold is often the goal, if you need to spend some money but don’t want to spend too much, rolling down to thirty gold is still a pretty comfortable place. After all, it’ll only take you a few more turns to return above fifty, and it might give you an edge that coveting every scrap of your money wouldn’t give you.