How to get Water Breathing in Roblox Demonfall

Master the art of Water Breathing.

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Players looking to combat their way through Roblox Demonfall will need to learn different Breathing techniques. There are eight Breathing styles in total, each possessing unique attributes. One of these techniques is Water Breathing, and here is how you can get it in Roblox Demonfall.

How to get Water Breathing

Screenshot from NanoProdigy’s YouTube

The Water Breathing technique can only be earned by completing the special quest given by the Water Trainer in the Coast Forest. However, reaching the trainer can be a bit tricky, especially if you are unaware of his exact location. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned steps to reach the trainer’s location:

  • Head to the Hayakawa Village, which is also the spawn location if you start as a Slayer.
  • One there, make your way towards the fast-travel NPC, who is at the edge of town.
  • Do not interact with the NPC but look for a direction board near him. Using the direction board, move toward Coast Forest. This might take a while, so make sure that you use W to sprint.
  •  After your reach your destination, keep moving forward until you see stairs and a platform. Finally, head to the top of the mountain using the platform. You will encounter the Water Trainer at the top of the mountain.
Screenshot from NanoProdigy’s YouTube

To obtain the Water Breathing technique, interact with the trainer, who will give you two tasks to complete. The first task is to successfully cross an area that is filled with different traps within 6 minutes. Once you complete it, talk to the trainer again, and he will ask you to slash a nearby boulder. This one is pretty easy to complete and shouldn’t take too much time. After completing the second task, interact with the trainer for the final time, and he will teach you the Water Breathing technique.