How to get Water in My Time at Sandrock

Water is precious.

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Water is one of the most precious resources you can find in Sandrock. The massive desert makes it difficult to reliably collect this resource, forcing you to wisely use it. Unfortunately, many of your Builder tools at your Workshop need water, which means you need to have it at the ready should you ever need to complete difficult projects. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get Water in My Time at Sandrock.

How to get Water

The best way to receive a reliable amount of water is to visit the Water World shop. You can find this on the west side of town, next to the Civil Corps area of Sandrock.

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At the Water World shop, you can purchase water from the vendor there. You’ll want to check back there each day to purchase water directly from the vendor and bring it back to your Workshop. At your Workshop, you want to place it inside of your Water Tank. You can see how much water is used for each of the machines you actively use. As you add more machines to your Workshop, you can expect to require more water inside of your tank to keep them running.

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Alternatively, you can craft water at your Worktable by collecting Dew. Dew has the chance to drop whenever you’re harvesting plant-based resource nodes in your local area, such as any of the grass tiles you collect using your Axe. You also have the chance to obtain Dew when cutting down trees, but you want to make sure you avoid cutting down any near Sandrock, or you can expect to pay a fine.

We recommend making Dew a secondary option for your Water needs, relying primarily on Water World when you’re initially starting your playthrough.