How to Get the “Which Pokémon Are You” Filter on Instagram


Who hasn’t wondered what kind of Pokémon we look like? While it can be a dangerous game to play, you can now find out. A new filter on Instagram scans your face, and shows you which kind of Pokémon you resemble the most.

To use the filter, click on this link while using a device with Instagram installed on it. If you don’t have Instagram installed on your phone, you can download it for Android from the Google Play Store, and for iPhone from the Apple Store. Install it, and then set up a profile following the on-screen instructions.

Following the link allows you to use the filter once, but when you restart the app, it goes away. To unlock it, you need to follow the filter’s creator, lperezsanders. On his profile, you can see all his filters beneath his account details. Click on “Nuevo” to gain access to the “Which Pokemon Am I” filter.

When you have the filter, open your camera on Instagram, click the filter, and give it a moment to load. Once it finishes loading, and you can see the filter’s icon, hold down the record button to make a video. The filter starts to scan your face, and you can see an odd purple and green sheen traveling back and forth over your face in the app. The filter then shows you which Pokémon you look like.

Hopefully, you get a result that makes you laugh and not one that makes you sad.