How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

So many gifts, so…much time, actually

Image via Arenanet

Wintersday is here in Guild Wars 2, and with it, the chance to earn a bounty of Wintersday Gift items. Listed below are several ways you can participate in Wintersday events and earn many different items, including a mini snowman, recipes for peppermint oil or mintberry swirl ice cream, and choir bells.

Complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle

A Festive Youth NPC is located in the Crown Pavilion, waiting for you to take on a challenge. When you accept, you’ll be whisked away to a staple of Guild Wars 2: a jumping puzzle.

You have three options with increasing difficulty: the Quaggan Route, the Snowman Route, and the Gingerbread Route. Waiting for you at the goal is a Magnificent Chest, which will grant you eight, 10, or 12 Wintersday Gifts, increasing with each difficulty you complete.

Check the Wintersday Gift Tree

Every main city throughout Tyria contains a Wintersday Gift Tree, decorated with snowflakes and candy canes as ornaments. You can cliam one Wintersday Gift per day when you interact with the tree.

Look out for Festive Dolyaks

Festive Dolyaks are busy transporting presents to and from cities, but every now and then, they will lose a package. You can benefit from this by picking up a Dropped Present whenever you see a Festive Dolyak lose something nearby. The Dropped Present will turn into a Wintersday Gift in your inventory.

Complete other Wintersday activities

Here’s a list of other events that will reward you various amounts of Wintersday Gifts:

  • Toypocalypse: A tower defense minigame that groups you with four other players (or friends) to protect the gift dolyaks from the toys going haywire all around them. Wintersday Gifts are rewarded based on how many rounds your and your team can last.
  • Bell Choir Ensemble: A music-based minigame that leaves out combat in favor of playing music. Talk to the Snowman and you’ll get to choose which section of the song you want to play. Wintersday Gifts are distributed based on the difficulty level for the song you complete.
  • Snowball Mayhem: An all-out war with snowballs. Choose Supporter, Heavy Gunner, or Scout, and infiltrate the other team’s base to bring back presents to your own base. Each member of the winning team will earn five Wintersday Gifts, and every gift returned to your base gets you an additional Wintersday Gift.