How to get Wishies and where to spend them in Ooblets

I wish for a fish.


You acquire wishies in Ooblets by naturally progressing through the game and completing various activities and receiving badges. These badges are tied to things you numerous things you can do in the game, from adding more Ooblets to your team, doing dance battles, crafting, or by building your friendship with the citizens of Badgetown. Each badge has a set amount of wishes you receive. You can view a badge’s progress by opening up your Grumboire by hitting the ‘tab’ button and going over to the badges section. There are also daily activities.

You can see your badge progress by hovering over any of them in your Grumboire. Each section contains three tiers, and the higher tier of badge you earn, the more wishies you receive. On your second day in Ooblets, you receive daily activities to receive wishies. These tasks consist of speaking to particular members of the Badgetown community, recovering items, harvesting crops in your garden, and much more. These refresh at the start of every day.

When you obtain enough wishies, you can return to the ‘stuff!’ part of your Grumboire and check out the wishy well tab underneath your name and level. Here, you can see all of the rewards you can get in exchange for your wishies. You can click on any of the items to receive it. Alternatively, you can visit the center of Badgetown and approach the fountain to do the same thing.