How to get Wrex’s Family Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

It belongs to the family.

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Wrex is a loyal crewmate aboard the Normandy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Every time you visit him during your adventure, you can learn more about him and his past, gaining his trust and making him feel like a welcome member of the crew. One of his loyalty missions for the game is to find his Family Armor, which he lost during the Krogan Rebellions. You have a chance to get it back for him, gaining his trust and earning his loyalty for the remainder of the game.

We highly recommend you bring Wrex in your squad when attempting this mission.

How to get the Wrex Family Armor quest

There are two ways to acquire his quest for your journal. The first method is by steadily talking with Wrex on the Normandy and learning more about his history. Eventually, he details out how his father betrayed him at a sacred gathering point, and attempted to kill him. He’ll eventually detail how he lost the armor, and it’s on Tuntau, held by Tonn Actus.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the planet and hunt down the person who has the armor. You can find them in the Argos Rho section. They’ll be in the Phoenix system, on Tuntau.

Obtaining the Family Armor

When you arrive on Tuntau, you’ll be in your Mako and you can bring up the map to find Actus’ base. It should be the hidden structure on your mini-map, located to the south of where you initially land.

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There will be a handful of guards defending the entrance, but there are several more inside the building. A majority of the guards will be defending the bottom floor of the facility, and you’ll have to clear through them. They’re primarily priates, so outside of a few tech-based abilities here and there, you shouldn’t expect too much trouble.

Once all of the guards are clear, head to the top floor and there should be a sniper there, unless you took them out from below. When they’re dealt with, proceed to the final room on the top floor, and claim all of the loot inside the room. The middle safe will require an easy decryption manual override check, and inside should be Wrex’s armor.

If Wrex is with you, he’ll comment about the armor, and Shepard can reply positively or negatively, but it doesn’t affect the moment too much. You can then leave the building and return to the Normandy. This is helpful to avoid a potential Paragon or Renegade check against Wrex during the Virmire mission later in the game.