How to get Yellow Petals in Pikmin Bloom

Plant yellow flowers around your neighborhood.

Image via Pikmin Bloom YouTube

There are several types of flower petals you can obtain in Pikmin Bloom. These petals come from the Pikmin following you along as you walk around in the game, dropping them after feeding them Nectar. But not every Nectar type is the same, and a Pikmin’s flower changes based on the type of Nectar you give it. Here’s what you need to do to get Yellow Petals in Pikmin Bloom.

The only way you can get Yellow Petals from your Pikmin is by feeding them Yellow Nectar. It’s a specific type of Nectar that comes from yellow fruits, such as Lemons. You’ll be able to get Yellow Nectar by having your Pikmin go out on expeditions for Lemons or by walking around and having one of your Pikmin hand you a Lemon. It’s a random chance for your Pikmin to appear with fruit while you’re walking around, but Lemons are one of the harder-to-find fruits in Pikmin Bloom.

If you’re hurting for Yellow Nectar, you can also walk around the large flower buds that you find in the ground around your home. These flower buds will bloom into massive flowers if you walk near them while your character is planting flowers. For a flower to drop Yellow Nectar, you need to make sure you’re planting yellow flowers, which again requires yellow petals.

There’s also the option to receive Yellow Petals from the Pikmin Bloom shop by buying them using Coins, the premium currency in the mobile game.