How to get your Covenant Renown battle pet in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Your covenant says a lot about your choice in pets.

Blizzard continues to drip feed content updates into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, even as we patiently await news on the potential of the upcoming 9.1 patch. Until then, we get steady increases to the Covenant Renown cap, and you’re now eligible to pick up your exclusive battle pet if you’ve consistently kept up with your Renown level. We’ll show you how to get your new furry friend that can accompany you into some heated pet battles.

You’ll need to speak to your Renown Wuartermaster inside your Covenant’s sanctum to purchase your new pet. There are four new pets, one exclusively for each Covenant when you reach Level 27 Renown. They cost 1500 Anima and 30 Grateful Offerings. Check out their names and some of their abilities below.

Night Fae: Trootie

This adorable little tree can heal itself with Unleash Life, which also dishes out Elemental damage. Most of its attacks are Elemental-based, but it still packs in Water Jet for Aquatic damage. Trootie might come in handy when you go up against a team with various weaknesses.

Venthyr: Sinheart

An animated coffin just seems appropriate for a battle pet with origins in Revendreth. It can reduce incoming damage with Stoneskin, absorb health with Leech Life, and damage itself in exchange for a powerful attack with Stone Rush. Sinheart wields four different types of damage in total.

Kyrian: Ruffle

Don’t let the big eyes fool you, as Ruffle can knock you out with its abilities just as quickly as it steals your heart. Preen will heal you and give you an attack boost for the next two rounds, and Soul Ward will negate all incoming damage. You can also use Warning Squawk to boost critical strike chances for your whole team over three rounds.

Necrolord: Jiggles

The star of the show will likely be the ghost cat, and it’s sure to convince people that Maldraxxus should be their home. Jiggles is so cute that it can use Cute Face, adding a 25% chance to dodge for four rounds. It also utilizes its body for a basic Slime attack, as well as Slime Trail, which damages enemies and prevents any escapes for a whole round.