How to get your covenant renown mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The wait is over, and now you can find out if it was worth it

Image via Blizzard

It’s a new week in World of Warcraft: Shdaowlands, and that means we have another increase for the renown cap. You can increase your renown rank with your covenant to 24, and right before it, you now have the ability to earn a special mount with your covenant.

Reaching Rank 23 with your covenant unlocks your covenant’s specific renown mount: Phalynx of Purity for Kyrian, Sinfall Gargon for Venthyr, Shadeleaf Runestag for Night Fae, and Plaguerot Tauralus for Necrolord. You can purchase these mounts from your covenant’s Renown Quartermaster, and it will cost 2500 Anima.

If you’re finding yourself short on Anima, you have many options at your disposal. You can head out into each world zone and find active world quests, kill off rare enemies, participate in the Castle Nathria raid, or conquer some of the new dungeons. As you work your way through each zone, you’ll find items that will convert into Anima.

You’ll need to take the items you find back to your sanctum, and find the Sanctum Reservoir NPC that converts the items into the Anima currency. Once you’ve deposited enough Anima into your reservoir, you can find your Renown Quartermaster and take home your new renown mount. Show it off with pride, as it takes quite a while to work up to Rank 23.