How to get your first mount in Lost Ark

Giddy up.

There are a lot of features and systems in Lost Ark, and it can be a little intimidating when you first start playing. As you walk around on foot, all around you people will be on mounts and you might be wondering you can get yours.

Getting a mount is actually pretty simple, you just need to play through the main story campaign. After going through a tutorial area, you can investigate an area called Loghill where some grave robbers are up to no good. After a boss fight during the “What Robbers Want” quest, you’ll need to travel south and speak with an NPC who will give you your choice of three different colored horses. Pick the one you like, and this will be your first mount.

You will need to ride click the horse in your Inventory to add it to your pet inventory, and from there you can hit Alt + V to bring up the pet inventory screen. You can right-click the horse and select mount to mount it and do the same to dismount. You can also just hit the R button to jump off your horse.

One of the best things about mounts is that you can ride them in the towns, and when you get hit by enemies you will not dismount. Finally, you can interact with NPCs who will have missions and quests for you with dismounting.

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