How to get all gear and go underground Offchurch in Ledecestrescire in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

There’s plenty of loot to go around.

The Offchurch location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains several notable wealth points of interests that you’ll want to add to your collection. You can find a book of knowledge here, an ingot, and two gear pieces. You’ll be able to obtain the book of knowledge and one of those gear pieces whenever you visit Offchurch. However, the second one is available until you reach a certain in the game, so you’ll be stuck otherwise.

Where to find Offchurch’s crypt

The crypt to enter the underground portion of Offchurch is located right at the center of the city. There will be several guards patrolling these walkways outside and inside the crypt.

How to get the ingot at Offchurch

The ingot inside the Offchurch crypt is the first and easiest of the wealth point of interests to find. When you enter the crypt, on the second level, there will be a guard on the left side messing with an obstacle. You need to kill the guard, and then move the obstacle to find a small entrance you can slide through. Inside that room will be a chest that contains a carbon ingot inside.

How to get the book of knowledge at Offchurch

After you’ve obtained the ingot, the entrance to the book of knowledge is in the same room. All you need to do is turn around and find the large crack in the wall on the right side of the room. Once you slide through it, the book of knowledge will be on the other side of the room. It contains the ranged ability Focus of the Nornir, and you use it to fire at enemies using fateful speed, which means you can slow down time to shoot multiple enemies.

How to get the gear at Offchurch

The first gear piece is deeper in the crypt. From the room you grabbed the ingot and book of knowledge, go deeper, and proceed to the right side of the crypt. Down the stairs when you turn right will be another guard next to a rock wall, and next to the rock wall will be an oil jar. You can take out the guard and then shoot the oil jar, or shoot the oil jar to take out the wall and the guard at the same time. Once you’ve taken them out, proceed into the hidden entrance it will be a flooded room. The gear piece is through the hole in the floor, and you’ll need to swim down to get it. Inside the chest is a the Fyrd Spear.

How to get past the barred door at Offchurch

The final gear piece is only accessible during the campaign mission Tilting the Balance. It’s the third chapter quest for the Kingmaker’s Saga, which is one of the first story missions you can explore in Valhalla, involving the Sons of Ragnar. You’ll be able to gain access to the room with the gear piece during the quest, after you take out the elite enemy that has the key. They will be in the same room as the door holding the gear piece, so you won’t have to go looking for it.