How to grow Glow Lichen in Minecraft

Light the way.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Glow Lichen is a small moss-like item that you can find in Minecraft and place in your inventory. If you’re looking to find it, you’ll need to venture into the underground locations of your world, and find it growing on the blocks down there. It has a distinct glow to it, making it easy to spot when you’re trying to dig your way through your world, and you’re running out light.

When you acquire Glow Lichen using shears, you can bring it back to your base and place it on any block you want. There’s no requirement for it, much like there is when you’re trying to find it. When you place Glow Lichen down, it gives off a light level seven, exactly half of a torch, so it doesn’t make for the best light. You’re better off using it in underground locations, or if you want to set specific lighting in a room you’re working on.

Glow Lichen can grow on other blocks surrounding it, but you can only watch it grow when you use bone meal on it. When you use bone meal on a single space of Glow Lichen, it first grows around whatever space is available on the block it is currently on. So, if on the front of a block, and not on the right face, giving it bone meal spreads it out to this right face.

When a Glow Lichen space receives any bone meal, it can no longer receive anymore, but the new space it grew on can receive bone meal. When you use bone meal on Glow Lichen that cannot spread on its current block, it instead goes to the other blocks around it that do not have any. It goes to any random block.

Spreading Glow Lichen around can be a good way to create some dim lighting in a room you’re creating, or you can use it to light the entrance or the sides of an underground passage. You can place it anywhere, and then pick it back up using shears.