How to grow nether wart in Minecraft

Scavenging the nether fortress.

Nether wart is quite tricky to find in Minecraft. The rare crop is used for a variety of purposes, and it’s the main ingredient in a number of potions. You can also use it for red nether bricks as well. If you are looking for nether wart in Minecraft, here is how to grow it.

To grow nether craft, you need to first find it. This can be a bit tricky since nether wart grows only in specific places on the map. Nether warts grow near nether fortresses. Once you find a nether fortress you need to search for a patch where the nether wart is growing.

Pick up the required amount of nether wart and soul sand depending on how big you want your farm to be. After gathering the required ingredients, you need to head back to your village and find a suitable area for your farm.

Before you start planting the nether wart, you need to place the soul sand first since the nether wart grows only on soul sand. After placing the soul sand, you can start planting nether wart by right-clicking.

Unlike other materials, nether wart doesn’t have a fixed growth time. It can take anywhere between 3-4 minutes for it to grow. Depending on the stage you harvest it in, the yield might vary. In the first three stages, it yields only one crop while in the later stages it can yield between two to four crops.