How to grow Sculk blocks in Minecraft

Let them grow wherever you need to use them.

Sculk blocks regularly appear in the Deep Dark biome of Minecraft. These were added in the 1.19 update, commonly called the Wild. Although Sculk grows in a particular region of the game, you have the option to bring it back home with you and grow some yourself. However, you need to follow some specific steps and make it work. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow Sculk blocks in Minecraft.

How to grow Sculk blocks

The only way to grow a Sculk block is by finding a Sculk Catalyst. This block looks widely different from the standard Sculk blocks as it has a distinct grey area underneath it, making it look like bones. It should be easy to point out alongside the traditional Sculk blocks.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Both of these blocks only spawn in the Deep Dark biome, which is a new area added in the Wild 1.19 update. When you find the Sculk Catalyst, you need to use a tool to extract it that has the Silk Touch enchantment. The block will break, and you cannot use it without using this enchantment.

When you’re ready, place the Sculk Catalyst down at a location you want to grow your Sculk blocks. What you need to do next is to kill mobs near this Catalyst. It can be any mob you feel you can quickly dispatch or one you want to grind for experience or items, such as chickens, cows, or pigs. When the mob dies near the Catalyst, it leaves behind the items it typically drops, and it has a Sculk block beneath it, along with Sculk viens stretching out from the block. You can grow more Sculk blocks as you want outside of the Deep Dark so long as you have the Sculk Catalyst.

Screenshot by DoubleXP