How to hack doors in Halo Infinite multiplayer

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer definitely revisits the classic gameplay that made the series stand out from the rest, but there are multiple evolutions in the mix as well. One of the most prominent new additions is the AI which will give you little tidbits of information when you pick up weapons and scan the battlefield for weapons and the lockers they spawn in. However, there is an additional use for the AI that has never been in Halo Infinite before. You can use it to open doors that have various weapons and equipment for whoever gets in. Here is how to hack open doors in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

To start a hack with an AI, you will need to find a console where you can put your AI. As of this writing, our only example is the side rooms on Fragmentation in Big Team Battle, but there is a chance smaller maps could have them in the future as well. When you find one, walk up to it and interact with it. Your AI will let you know that it is starting the hack.

While your AI is in the console, you will see a progression bar showing how far along it is. While it’s busy, you will see a radius line around you. During the hack’s duration, you will need to stay within that radius until the AI finishes. If you walk outside, the hack will end prematurely, and the progress bar will slowly degrade. Interact with the console again to continue.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you are hacking, be sure to prepare to defend yourself. If an enemy comes along and you are too busy looking at the hacking progress, you will be an easy kill for them. If you walk upon an enemy in the middle of a hack and kill them, you can then put your AI into the console and pick up from where their AI left off.