How to have your buddy bring you PokéStop Gifts in Pokémon Go

Let your buddy Pokémon help you out.

Pokémon GO

Because you may not be able to go outside as much due to social distancing practices and wanting not to spread COVID-19, you probably have not visited a PokéStop in Pokémon Go. Many trainers are lacking the ability to obtain new gifts from PokéStops, preventing them from it any out to friends who could use the boost of Pokéballs or items. To make it easier, you can now have your buddy go out to get them.

When you have a Pokémon buddy active, they will go out of their way to obtain items for you while they wander around. Luckily, you don’t have to order them to do it. They should go out their way to visit any nearby PokéStops to grab a gift for you to share with any trainers on your friendslist. It only happens when you start to run low, though. You will know when it happens because a distinct notification will pop up detailing where your Pokémon buddy went and what gift they grabbed for you.

If you do this, you need to make sure they’re active, which you can do by feeding them three berries and filling up their hunger meter. After that, wait a little bit, and your Pokémon should visit a nearby PokéStop.

You don’t have to level up your buddy to a specific buddy level, either. They will go out of their way to visit a PokéStop at any level, making sure all players of Pokémon Go have access to gifts while they peacefully hang out inside. When your Pokémon has the gift, you need to go to the buddy screen to grab the item and add it to your inventory.

The new buddy system for retrieving gifts won’t you give a mountain of them to give to your friends, but it should help you to hand out a few while you’re actively trying to play Pokémon Go.