How to Heal and Revive Your Temtem


While taking part in Temtem battles, your Temtem can become injured or knocked out from the exertion and damage they take. You will need to heal your Temtem and revive them for your next battle.

You need to familiarize yourself with is the Temporium. There are large and small versions of these shops throughout the game. Some are large stores found in towns, while others are smaller structures found on roads as you explore. The smaller ones do not offer the full suite of services you get while visiting a full-sized Temporioum.

All Temporiums have a kiosk called a HealTem Station where you to heal your Temtem. You can see what these look like in the image at the top of the article. These kiosks automatically take your cards when you interact with them, healing and reviving the Temtem in them. This only happens for the six Temtem that make up your active squad.

You can also purchase Revives and healing items at the Temporium by talking to the shopkeeper.

  • Revive – 500 credits
  • Balm (heals 25 HP) – 80 credits
  • Balm+ (heals 70 HP) – 325 credits

You can use healing items, but not a revive, during battles. To use them, open your bag, scroll to the Items tab, and then select the healing item you wish to use and the Temtem you needs it. You can also find other healing items while playing the game and exploring the world, for quest rewards, or winning battles.

You want to regularly visit Temporiums in towns you visit to heal, revive your Temtem, and stock up on important items. You can also purchase a Smoke Bomb for 120 credits, which automatically returns you to the last Temporium you visited.