How to heal in Back 4 Blood

Shake it off and get back in the fight.

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As you fight through the hordes of Ridden in Back 4 Blood, you are undoubtedly going to take damage. That is just the way things are in the game; it is nearly impossible to avoid it without glitches or exploits. With that in mind, it is crucial that you understand how to heal yourself and how the health functions work. Here is a breakdown of how to heal and what else you need to know about health in Back 4 Blood.

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To heal yourself in Back 4 Blood, you are going to need some kind of medical supplies. Either in the shop found in safe rooms or throughout the world, you can find items like Medkits, Bandages, and Pain Pills that will recover your health.

When you have those items, press the button that is next to them in your inventory to pull them out. Then press the shooting button to go through the course of healing yourself. Medkits take the longest to restore your health but give the most. Bandages are quicker but recover very little. Pain Pills are almost instantaneous but only provide temporary health that will slowly degrade over time.

If you have a healing item and a teammate needs healed, you can walk up to them and apply it by pulling out the item and pressing the L2/LT on PlayStation or Xbox and right click on PC.

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While you are likely to buy healing items at the shop, you can also purchase health in the top left corner. Beware, though, this does not recover Trauma, so don’t waste your Copper expecting a big jump in health if your Trauma is holding you down.

You may also find First Aid Cabinets in random locations, but they are often found behind locked doors that require a Tool Kit to open. These healing stations will have at least one free charge in them, but after that, you will need to spend some Copper for them to work. When you use a First Aid Cabinet, you will also recover a large chunk of health and trauma.

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Finally, there are some cards that you can equip in your deck that will give some healing bonuses. For example, one will heal all team members over time when someone is incapacitated. Be sure to look out for whatever cards you feel will help your team the most.