How to heal in Flynn: Son of Crimson

See that green bar fill.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Healing in Flynn: Son of Crimson is very easy to implement, but it doesn’t come to our protagonist when he first starts his adventure. We know exactly when the healing ability is unlocked and how it is utilized in this indie 2D platformer.

After defeating Rozia at the Shrine of Influence, you’ll then be backed out to the world map. Afterwards, your poor canine friend Dex will need help from a spirit to stay alive.

To move forward, go to the Wildedge Retreat that is marked by a black diamond on the map. After walking around with 1HP in the level, a cutscene will activate with Heather calling for Flynn. She gives him the Healing Orbs Flynn will need to restore his life essence (health).

Life essence can be found by destroying green crystals on the level. Hit them with your sword and a bunch of orbs will fly towards you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On the top left, you’ll see how many squeezes you have left. One squeeze of the healing orbs will give you 2HP each, at least at the beginning of the game. This can be activated by pressing the triangle button (or the Y button on Xbox systems).