How to heal in Minecraft Dungeons

Stay in the fight.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons involves a lot of combat. You will be fighting all manner of monsters and creatures, and taking damage is inevitable. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to heal in the game, to keep you in the fight.

#1 Healing Potion

Healing Potions

The main source of healing in the game is a healing potion. You can see this in the main hud, shown above. By pressing the prompted button, you will get a large dose of instant healing. The ability will then go on a pretty long cooldown, so make sure you are paying attention to when the ability comes back.

#2 Food Drops

As you play through the game, you will notice that different foods drop from different sources. Enemies can drop apples, cows and sheep can drop meat, and chests can drop bread. You can eat all of these to gain back some health points.

#3 Artifacts

Totem of Regeneration

Artifacts can heal you if you get the right one. A good example is the Totem of Regeneration. This can heal you for a set amount of health, and will then go on cooldown when you use it. Anyone that is standing in the aura will be healed by the Totem.

#4 Lifesteal

Some weapons will be able to provide you with Lifesteal enchantments. This means that you will earn back a percentage of the damage done to enemies as healing. It is a very good enchantment for people who want to be able to wade into the middle of large groups of enemies and take the fight to them.