How to heal in Persona 5 Strikers

Health check.

Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers has a huge emphasis on fast-paced, difficult combat. Your party will be taking on hordes of enemies and lots of bosses, so that chance of getting injured is high.

It will be important to find every avenue for healing that you can, so in this guide we will run through the various ways you can heal yourself.

How to heal in Persona 5 Strikers


The most obvious way to heal yourself is through the options menu, into Items, and use various healing recovery items that you can purchases in stores, or make yourself from recipes. Make sure you load up on healing items when you are exploring the game’s many locations.

Bond Skills

Some Bond skills will give you a chance to recover health. Ambusher and Oracle Recovery are must-have skills to get some health back during common situations in Jails, making them high-value options.


Some Personas will have skills that allow you to recover health. The fact that Joker can switch between Personas on a whim is a blessing, as you can have dedicated healing Personas for when you need them. Make sure you check the details on all Personas as they level up, including the ones belonging to you party members.


Futaba, or Oracle, is not like the other party members. She will hack doors, and do other important tasks, but is not a fighter. She can learn skills, however, and one of those called Moral Support will dish out some healing.


Auto-Recover is one of the easiest ways to heal, as all you need to do is hit down on the D-Pad. This prompts characters who have the ability to heal that party. The bad news is that this will use up SP, so make sure you have plenty of SP recovery items in your Inventory as well.