How to heal in Samurai Warriors 5

Keep your chin up.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While musou-style games like Samurai Warriors 5 are designed to make you feel incredibly powerful, there’s a limit to that power. At some point, we all need a helping hand, and in this game, that comes in the form of health. Unfortunately, however, it’s not that clear how you heal in battle whilst battling hundreds of enemies at a time, and the only popup you get for it is gone within seconds. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide for how to heal in Samurai Warriors 5.

How to heal

There are two types of healing items scattered around the battlefield in most missions in the game. The first is an Onigiri. This rice dish is shaped like a white rounded triangle with a small black square in the middle at the bottom. This will heal you for about 50 health points.

The second health item in the game is a bucket that looks like it comes from the well at a shrine. It’s red and painted with some ornate decorations. This will heal you to full health and give you a full Musou meter for all the chunks you have available on a character. This is by far the most useful healing item, but they’re rare on the battlefield.