How to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep

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There is no shortage of things looking to bring your life to an end in Stranded Deep. You will constantly be fighting off hunger, dehydration, the Sun’s harmful rays, and of course, predators in the sea. While doing this, you are likely going to come into contact with something that affects you on the inside. Here is what to do when you are poisoned in Stranded Deep.

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What can poison you in Stranded Deep?

First, there are quite a few things that can poison you in Stranded Deep. The poisoning status effect can be applied to you when you are bitten by a Night Snake, swim into a Lion Fish or Sea Snake, or come into contact with a Sea Urchin or Crown of Thorns Starfish. When any of these happen, your character will say they aren’t feeling good, the screen will go a little green, and boils will begin showing up on your arms. If you do nothing about this, you will eventually lose your health and die.

How to make an antidote for poison in Stranded Deep

To prevent yourself from dying from poisoning in Stranded Deep, you need to make an Antidote. Before you can do this, you have to be at least level 3 in Crafting. Open the crafting menu and go to the Consumables tab to find the recipe, which calls for an Empty Coconut Flask and one Pipi. Pipi is a small green plant that can be found on various islands within a bigger grouping of green plants. You can also gather it and plant it in farm plots to continually regrow some.

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After you have made an Antidote, just drink it to get rid of the poisoning. However, if you have gotten poisoned in the early game before you can make an Antidote, it is probably better to restart with a new save. Getting the crafting level while dealing with other factors can make this a challenging task since you are on a time limit.