How to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep

Get some medicine, stat.

How to cure poisoning in Stranded Deep

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So you’ve gone and got yourself poisoned in Stranded Deep. Yeah, that won’t be very good for you. Being affected by poison in Beam Team Games’ survival title is an avoidable situation but, if you get bitten or stung, it could spell bad news.

Luckily, there is a way to cure this affliction. If you need to know what the Stranded Deep poison cure is, we’ve got you covered.

What is the remedy to Stranded Deep poison?

Stranded Deep poison cure
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First, let’s cover what can poison you. Sea Snakes, Sea Urchins, and Lionfish are all capable of stinging you. If you think you’ve been poisoned, you can check your electronic wristwatch for a possible ‘poisoned’ status effect. Alternatively, your health meter will start to deplete, so you’ll need that cure as soon as possible.

The cure for poison in Stranded Deep is, as you may have guessed, an Antidote. This isn’t something you find lying around on your island, however. You’ll need to craft it from two other items.

These are a Coconut Flask and a Pipi Plant. You will need to craft a Coconut Flask first, but this isn’t too difficult to do. You’ll need one coconut and one lashing — you can learn how to make lashing in this guide — to produce a Coconut Flask.

The problem you’ll have with crafting an Antidote is finding Pipi Plants. These are tiny plants that are easily missable, and they don’t grow in big quantities either. You’ll have to keep your nose to the ground and search thoroughly to find them. You’ll know when you’ve come across one if you see some green foliage, which grows on the shoreline, in the image further up this page.

Once you have both items, simply craft them and consume the Antidote.