How to heal units in Humankind

Keep your units alive.

Image via AMPLITUDE Studio

Your military units will take a decent amount of damage while exploring the world or dealing with opposing forces in Humankind. However, war is bound to happen, and knowing how to heal your units properly will be the difference between victory and defeat. This guide details how to heal your units in Humankind to allow them to recover after a heroic battle.

You want to click on the damaged unit that you have to bring up their detailed readout. Next, you want to click on the heart on the right side of the unit readout screen. By doing this, all of the units on that party will wait at their current position until everyone is fully healing. You can do this at any tile on the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You might have multiple units in it that are supporting it, making it easier for you to use them in battle. If one of them is damaged, their health bar will be lower than the total amount, and you want to make sure they spend as much time using their action points for healing rather than anything else, especially movement.

After every unit in the party has healed, you can freely move them around the map. Of course, you can move them earlier than this, but the units may still require healing.