How to heal yourself in Super Animal Royale

Get yourself back in the fight.

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As is the case for battle royale games, you need to manage your resources in Super Animal Royale properly to have the best chance for survival. Sure, a large part of the game will rely on your gunplay skills, but when you survive encounters, you need to be able to set yourself up for the next one properly. If you go into a fight with any less health than the enemy, you are setting yourself up for defeat. With that in mind, here is how to heal yourself in Super Animal Royale.

Health Juice

Healing yourself in Super Animal Royale is slightly different than you will see in most battle royales. There are multiple ways to increase your health, but the primary way wholly relies on how filled up your cup is on the right of your screen. When there is liquid inside your cup, you can drink it and slowly replenish your health. You fill it up by collecting Health Juice from around the map. It will be shown by a cup icon with a health cross on it.

You will notice at the beginning of every match your cup will be filled up to 25. As you collect Health Juice, it will slowly fill until it reaches its max at 200. The max health a player can have at a time is 100, so holding a filled cup ensures you have a couple of full bars of health on hand if you survive. You can make your animal drink faster by finding the Cupgrade, a golden cup power-up.

To start drinking Health Juice, press Q on PC or Y on Xbox.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The second method for healing is to find a Campfire. Campfires are found randomly throughout the map and will slowly heal you and an Emu up to 60 health as you stand next to it. When it reaches that threshold, the fire will go out until the end of the match. If really hurt, you can combine this healing with your Health Juice healing for quick regeneration.

Coconuts and Mushrooms

Finally, the last way to heal yourself in Super Animal Royale is to pick up coconuts or mushrooms. They are essentially the same item, only differing in where you find them. Coconuts can be found on the beach, while mushrooms are in forest areas. When you pick them up, they immediately heal you for a small amount, so they do not do a ton of healing, but for a quick pick-me-up, they are handy to find in the wild.