How to hide your helmet in New World

Show everyone your character’s hairstyle.

Your character’s appearance will also be critical to every player in most games, and with so many outfits for you to wear in New World, there are numerous choices to pick from. If you’re not a fan of the helmets in New World, is there a way you don’t have to see them anymore, and you can hide your helmet?

There is a way to do this, but it’s not a simple setting that you’ll find in the options menu. Instead, you need to go to your inventory, where you can view all of your equipment. Once you’ve done that, hover over your headgear in the top left of the hud, and click on your helmet. You should have an option at the bottom of a dropdown menu where you can select to change the skin of your headgear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After clicking on the ‘change skin’ option, you’ll open up a window where you can select the current appearance for your character’s helmet. One of these options will always be to completely hide your helmet, removing it from your character’s appearance. The stats and gear score bonuses will remain there, but you no longer have to see the helmet if you don’t like it.