How to hide your level in Valorant

Shh, no one needs to know you’re smurfing.

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Image via Riot Games

Many competitive games with text or live voice chat options built-in have a chance to lead to some less than comfortable exchanges between players. Player toxicity has been a hot topic for many developers and games, and Riot’s team shooter Valorant is no different. In an effort to at least provide a modicum of agency when it comes to your player experience, you have the option to hide your actual player level from other players.

Menu options for hiding your Valorant level

You don’t have to dig through various options menus to be able to protect this part of your privacy while playing Valorant. To access it, starting from the game’s Home menu (aka the Main menu), navigate over to your Collections tab at the top of the screen. There you have the options to set up your loadouts for various weapon skins you own, but here you can also find the options to set up your emotes, banners, and borders.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This last option is the one we’re looking for. Click on the “Banners” option on the left-hand side of the screen first, then from there look to the top section, where you can switch another tab to “Level Borders.” While you can choose what your level borders look like from this menu, this is also where you can toggle the “Show my account level on my player card” option. And voila, toggling this option off is how you can hide your Valorant level from other players.

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And when you feel more comfortable with where you’re at in the game, you can just as easily toggle this option back on by following these same steps. While this may not result in improvement in your gameplay, you can at least feel certain that no one is going to drag your player level into the conversation on why exactly you’ve single-handedly slaughtered the enemy team as KAY/O, armed with nothing but the Ghost.