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How to hit the Gnarly Route in OlliOlli World’s Lobster Lanes

There sure are a lot of crabs here at "Lobster" Lanes...

OlliOlli World has a ton of replay value in its alternate lanes, some of which are called Gnarly Routes, hidden in different levels. Sometimes, those alternate lanes are a little harder to get to. Let’s take a look at the Gnarly Route in the Lobster Lanes level of the first area, Sunshine Valley, which will also let you complete the “Grind for the Crab Crowd at the Waterfall” challenge, and if you’re quick enough, the High Five Cruz part of the “High Five Cruz and finish without slamming” challenge as well.

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Shortly after the first checkpoint in the level, there will be a ramp and two sets of stairs, with Cruz standing in between the sets of stairs, waiting for that High Five. Jump over the ramp in front of Cruz and pass by them to give them a crisp five, then quickly ollie out of that pit before you hit the second set of stairs.

Jump right before this ramp to give Cruz that high five.
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Right after this, the lanes for the route you’re in will split, with a splitting arrow indicating that you have the option to switch paths. Press X (Square on PlayStation, Y on Switch) to switch to the path a little further back here and you should see a big “Gnarly Route!” icon at the top of your screen. Then, grind the big rail to gain some speed, jumping and switching rails when necessary.

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Soon, you’ll hit a waterfall with a whole mess of crabs hanging out all over it. You’ll also see a big rail right in front of them — they’re waiting for a show. Give it to them by grinding that rail and you should see the challenge completion notification for the “Grind for the Crab Crowd at the Waterfall” challenge pop up on the right side of your screen.

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Finish the rest of the race without slamming your board down at the end of a jump and you should see the completion notification for “High Five Cruz and finish without slamming” pop up as the level fades out. Then, you can go check out the optional level where you can unlock a new side quest.

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